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The Funding You Need To Succeed

We believe in Equal Opportunity Entrepreneurship and help WBO’s get the funding they need to
bring their businesses to life.

Lack Of Funding Is The #1 Reason WBO’s Fail

Did you know that only 25% of women business owners seek funding and receive just 7% of venture capital? Despite this, female-founded businesses actually outperform those founded by men by 63%.  Don’t let institutional bias keep you from making your dream come true.

Who We Are

Women Capital Raising Network is a robust community of women investors, entrepreneurs and business professionals who come together in the name of helping each member reach their financial goals by planning, launching, managing and growing better local businesses.

Our Mission

To correct the gender imbalance that puts just 7% of venture capital in the hands of women business owners by providing access to mentors, community support and a wide-range of funding options, including loans, grants, credit and angel investment opportunities. 

Our Vision

We believe in Equal Opportunity Entrepreneurism, a world where women help women succeed and have the same access to business funding, mentors and resources that men do.  Join the Women Capital Raising Network today and help us finally put an end to institutional bias.

Why Women Business Owners Join Us?

As a woman, you already have to fight for equality every day.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you and your business had the same access to the keys for success that men do?  As a member, we make it easy to:

Get Funded

Lack of cash flow is a killer.  Inside, you’ll gain access to successful women eager to invest in your business or idea, as well as a full-range of funding and financing options that allow you to grow your business with complete confidence no matter what stage you’re at now.

Get A Mentor

Success doesn’t come easy, it comes with help.  Business mentors who have already been where you are now provide invaluable information and knowledge that can help you avoid costly mistakes, put all the parts in place and stimulate your personal and professional growth.

Get Support

The life of an entrepreneur can be lonely and challenging at times.  Our member community of other women business owners provides a unique opportunity to learn from your peers, make new friends and connections, and share and showcase your achievements along your journey.

Why Women Business Owners Join Us?

Less than 3% of women-owned businesses ever reach $1 million in annual revenue
and they need your help to get there.

Find Investments

Women business owners with great ideas that align with your values need your help. As an investor, you’ll not only grow your portfolio, but you’ll also gain the lifelong satisfaction of empowering local business owners on their journey to business success and financial independence. 

Share Expertise

Just because something is easy for you – like starting a business or building an investment portfolio – doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone else.  Share your success story on the weekly Women Capital Raising Podcast and inspire women business owners across America to new heights.

Become A Mentor

Mentoring is one of the quickest and most rewarding ways to develop your leadership and communication skills, leave a lasting impact and increase your credibility all while fostering a future leader.  Your time investment will accelerate growth and change lives forever.

Why choose us?

Women Capital Raising Network is a two-way platform that brings women business owners and investors together for mutual growth.  As a WBO, you’ll gain access to the critical funding, guidance and resources you need to succeed all in one place. Get started as an investor or business owner below.

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